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DFW Metroplex

 An International Hub of Innovation


Why Should I Invest in Dallas Real Estate?

Investors would be hard-pressed not to see the value in DFW real estate. Bustling with energy, innovation, and exponential job and population growth, this is an investment market that continues to defy odds with its strength. REI Nation strives to bring key opportunities to investors in markets with long-term buy-and-hold potential, not headline buzz.

Dallas is one of the most vibrant and significant markets not only in the country but in the world. As a massive hub for global trade, energy, technology, and countless other valuable industries contributing to a strong local economy, Dallas has the economic tenacity buy-and-hold investors need.

For turnkey investors with REI Nation, navigating the energetic Dallas real estate market is effortless. With access to our wealth of experience, you lay the foundation for lasting financial security in a market with infinite potential.

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Dallas At-A-Glance

6.8 Million

Metro Population


US City Population Rank


Renter Population


Mean Household

$225K - $300K

REI Nation
Avg. Home Price


REI Nation
Avg. Monthly Rent


In the Business of Job Creation

Dallas-Ft. Worth ranks among the top three U.S. metropolitan areas for employment growth, business expansions, and relocations. In fact, it is home to nine Fortune 500 companies in the city limits alone, with more located in the greater DFW Metroplex. These include names like American Airlines, JCPenney, and ExxonMobil.

Companies That Call Dallas Home

Among some of the big-name companies that call Dallas home and employ thousands, are:

  • Exxon Mobile
  • AT&T
  • American Airlines
  • Toyota Manufacturing
  • Valero Energy Corp.
  • Texas Instruments
  • Lockheed Martin

Incredible Market Diversity

For years, like many large Texas cities, the Dallas economy was driven by the oil and energy industry. However, Dallas boasts one of the most vibrant and diverse economic environments in the United States. Featuring a wealth of startups and small business, a large presence in the defense, financial services, information technology, transportation, and telecommunications sectors, this diversification has mitigated market risk overall.

Thanks to tax incentive programs that have been in place for two decades, employers flood to Dallas, bringing in jobs by the tens of thousands. In fact, Dallas has a job growth rate twice that of the national rate. The city has been among the top 50 on Inc’s list of best places in America to start a small business.

Unparalleled Buy-and-Hold Potential

With 600 people moving to Dallas every day, it’s no surprise that rental demand is high—with a 58.5 percent renter population in its 6.8 million metro population, the need for rental properties is high.

One of the biggest challenges facing the Dallas market over the last several years has been that unprecedented demand. This squeezed home prices and inventory while home building, as in much of the country, lagged. As the market evens out, however, we’re seeing a return of inventory and the balancing of rising market prices. For investors, this means more options at better prices and an overall sense of stability to the market.

That said, Dallas is consistently named among other cities for best places for business, best places to invest, markets to watch, and even powering the world’s economy. The Texas Triangle: Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, together with Austin, have a combined economic output of $1.2 trillion with just under 20 million people.

There’s no doubt that Dallas is an economic powerhouse, and that leads to real estate investment potential for the long-term.

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The Sights and Sounds of Dallas

This bustling metroplex has an amazing amount to do. From a large number of major sports venues to watch elite competition to many world-renowned museums, there is plenty to attract visitors to the Dallas area. The city offers a lot of family oriented fun with its Zoo, Aquarium, Six Flags theme park, and much more!

History & Tourism

As the site of many historical events, such as the Kennedy Assassination in Dealey Plaza, Dallas attracts all kinds of history buffs to add to their tourism numbers. As more and more people flood to the area, the industry grows more and more. When VisitDallas, the organization that promotes events and tourism in North Texas, closed its books in 2018, they saw record numbers. The area received over 27 million tourists that spent $4.7 billion which resulted in a $8 billion economic impact for the local area! The city is booming and the evidence is quite clear, making this a great market for investors.


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