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Select a video series to learn the latest turnkey investor insights!

Transformation Tours

See before and after our renovation projects for a home improvement tour of turnkey properties across the South.

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newly renovated home from REI Nation in transformation tours video

Knowing the Market

In this series, we reveal REI Nation’s secrets to determining the most promising real estate markets. You’ll learn how we identify the markets that hold the highest passive income potential for our investors.

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knowing the market videofor REI Nation video series on promising real estate markets

Total Turnkey

Whether you’re new to turnkey property investing or you’re an experienced investor looking for industry tips and tricks to optimize your portfolio, this series is for you! Learn turnkey investing best practices across the industry to invest with confidence.

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Chris Clothier speaking about cash flow and REI Nation in the background over black background

Webinars & Investor Updates

Set your sites on your portfolio’s future with market updates that can guide you to savvy turnkey investment decisions.

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discussion with amanda: turning today's SDIRA into tomorrow's income

Investor Blueprint

Get equipped with the learning tools you need to build your dream turnkey investment portfolio.

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man at desk working on numbers with calculator

The Grind Podcast

Build a solid investment foundation with current market knowledge that we share on The Grind.

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Chris Clothier on the Grind Podcast discussing markets and new turnkey cities

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