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12 min read

WHITEPAPER: Real Estate Appreciation Trends & Maximizing Your Property’s Worth

At one time, it was thought that owning a home was a great investment. While this is...

13 min read

[WHITEPAPER] The Real Estate Investor’s UPDATED Guide to Tulsa, Oklahoma

At the foot of the Ozark mountains sits the proud city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. As the...

13 min read

[WHITEPAPER] The Investor’s NEW Guide to the St. Louis Real Estate Market

If you drive up Interstate 55 from Memphis, you’ll reach St. Louis, Missouri in no...



1 min read

Rehab Walkthrough: May 17, 2022

On this week's rehab walkthrough, Matt is joined by Kendall McKinney on a tour of...

1 min read

Rehab Walkthrough: April 28, 2022

Ryan Flannery takes us on a tour of a recently renovated home in Lewisville, TX!

1 min read

Rental Update: April 22, 2022

On this week's rental update, Nate recaps the month of March – another...



3 min read

REI Nation Sees 29% Growth in Single-Family Rental Investment Sales for First Quarter 2022 Despite Rising Interest Rates

MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 4, 2022 — REI Nation, one of the largest passive, turnkey real...

3 min read

REI Nation Continues Growth Trajectory in Single-Family Rental Investment Homes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Feb. 15, 2022 — REI Nation, one of the largest turnkey real estate...

3 min read

REI Nation Raises $16M in Private Investment

Funding Will Increase the Purchase and Renovation of Single-Family Rental Homes




3 min read

It’s Not Worth Waiting to Invest in Real Estate

Right now, it seems as though the real estate market is too unpredictable to take...

4 min read

Scraggly to Serene - Dallas-Ft. Worth Turnkey Transformation

This week’s Transformation Tuesday is from Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas

This 90's...

4 min read

4 Qualities that Define an Uncrashable Real Estate Market

The housing market slowdown is on its way. Both rising interest rates (topping 5%...



1 min read

Live Q&A, Rental Updates, New Market Updates, & More

In this weeks Experience Matters Live, Chris Clothier answers your questions in...

1 min read

2021 Trends, Outside Markets, & More

In a live Q&A, Chris discusses the impact of COVID-19 and new trends emerging in...

1 min read

2021 Real Estate Market Strategy With Brett Clothier

Chris and Brett Clothier take a deep dive on REI Nations' 8 Markets, revealing...


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