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Huntsville Real Estate Investment

Turnkey Investing in the City of Huntsville, AL


Why Should I Invest in Huntsville Real Estate?

Huntsville, Alabama, is a viable market for passive turnkey real estate investors through REI Nation. As the state’s fourth-largest city and home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, this aerospace and manufacturing hub is only aimed to grow even more. Its bustling economy paired with its abundant higher education opportunities support the city’s projected growth.

A few of the key factors that make it clear Huntsville is a wise investment include its low cost of living combined with its high quality of life and a steady job and population growth. Students, post-graduates, and adults alike are flocking to the city for both its stability and opportunities.

The best way to leverage Huntsville’s promising investment opportunities is to have the right partner. REI Nation has over 20 years of experience with a keen eye for markets that have the stats required to benefit investors and deliver steady, positive cashflow.


Huntsville At-A-Glance


Metro Population


US City Population Rank


Renter Population


Mean Household

 $190K - $250K

REI Nation
Avg. Home Price


REI Nation
Avg. Monthly Rent


In the Business of Job Creation

The northern city of Huntsville, Alabama, is fueled by a zestful mix of both private and public industry sectors. From education and aerospace, to defense and technology, it isn’t without ample fields and opportunities for those moving to the city. In addition, the University of Alabama at Huntsville attracts hundreds of students opting in for off-campus housing.

Ultimately, Huntsville is still a “young” market compared to some. The city is projected to see billions of dollars poured into its economic growth, making it an excellent contender for passive turnkey investors for many years to come.

Companies That Call Huntsville Home

Industries that call Huntsville home and provide thousands of jobs for its workforce include:

  • ADTRAN, Inc.
  • Advanced Turbine Engine Company
  • Camber Corporation
  • Dynetics
  • NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Redstone Federal Credit Union
  • Torch Technologies
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama

STEM Jobs Soar

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers have a multitude of places to thrive in Huntsville, Alabama. Because the city positioned itself as an integral part of space travel years ago, it continues to be a leading center for future endeavors today. It has a growing technology research and biotech sector. These high-paying jobs attract talent worldwide, many of whom are looking to rent rather than buy, which keeps home values high.

A Military Market

Huntsville hosts a large number of enlisted personnel who most commonly choose to rent rather than buy their homes when stationed. The Redstone Arsenal, Marshall Flight Center, Missile Defense Agency, and the Army’s Missile Command are just a few of the places in Huntsville that employ thousands who need a place to live. Because their stationing is temporary, these people do not want to buy a home and be forced to become long-distance landlords; therefore, the abundance of military stations keeps the Huntsville real estate market bustling.

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The Sights and Sounds of Huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama, offers a unique experience to its visitors. While the city is predominantly known for its history with NASA, there are many hidden gems to be found in the city. Huntsville is also home to the largest, privately-owned center for the arts in the South: Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. In addition to the arts and sciences, the city is also bustling with farmers' markets, hiking trails, and more.

History & Tourism

It’s for good reason that Huntsville is endearingly referred to as the “Rocket City.” The world’s largest space museum, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, is located inside the city. In addition, it’s where men and women developed the original space program that sent astronauts to the moon. With a penchant for all things space, technology, engineering, and mathematics, you may be surprised to know that the city also offers beautiful botanical gardens for those looking to keep their feet on the ground.



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