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About REI Nation

  • Why should I work with REI Nation instead of a less expensive alternative?
    We always advise our clients to never equate price with value. In our years of experience, we have found lower priced homes and lower priced companies are usually accompanied by more headaches, deferred maintenance and lost cash flow over time. We began to separate ourselves from other alternative investments by concentrating on higher value homes, more extensive front end renovation and a dedication to customer service. So while our price point is higher, the quality of the investment and the experience of the investor are both unmatched by any other company. We aim to provide the highest value possible for our clients over the life of the investment.
  • How much does it cost to work with REI Nation?
    Nothing! You do not “join” our website or pay for the right to view our properties. Our companies provide access to fantastic investment properties that, when you add all of our value added services to the process, allow you as an investor to save time, money and energy. This access is provided free and you as an investor are not asked or required to pay our company any fees for the opportunity to do business together.
  • Can I talk to your clients or referrals?
    Absolutely! In fact, we would hope that you would speak with our clients, some of whom live in Memphis, Dallas and in other locations. In our years of business, we have never claimed to do everything perfectly and we are capable of making mistakes. Yet, we strive to set ourselves apart by promptly and accurately fixing mistakes and dealing with all of our clients in an honest, ethical and fair manner. That commitment to customer service has allowed us to grow and prosper along with our clients and has helped us forge relationships for life!
  • How does your company answer the concerns of investors investing outside of their own state?
    REI Nation has specifically tailored their business practices to assist investors who either invest outside of their own state or are too busy in their daily lives to invest without assistance. We have put together a program where an investor has access to all of the needed services to make your investment a successful one. From the closing attorney all the way to the bug guy, our staff has every service imaginable ready to go to work for you.

About the Investing Process

  • Are there still opportunities in today’s real estate market?
    There are absolutely fantastic opportunities available today for real estate investors. Whether just getting started or trying to grow your portfolio, today’s real estate market has many solid investment opportunities available. Having a thorough understanding that there are multiple markets and sub-markets within each city, including Memphis, Dallas, and Houston will help you to navigate and uncover the best opportunities that each city has to offer.
  • Do I need to get pre-approved or pre-qualified to purchase a house?
    We work closely with all of our clients before allowing them to put a property under contract. One of the areas that we pay particularly close attention is the ability of the investor to be able to obtain permanent financing if that is the purchase strategy that the investor seeks to use. We ask that all clients get informed on their current ability to obtain long-term financing from a qualified lending company. We can assist an investor with this process and currently have 11 different lending institutions who have vetted our company.

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