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Turnkey Investing

Our Turnkey Process Provides a Successful Investment Path


Turnkey Services System

Our team handles every aspect of the transaction for our clients.
It may be called passive investing, but only because we do the heavy lifting.

The goal of our Turnkey process is to provide a consistently excellent experience for each of our clients. Each month we work with new clients to provide them with a successful path to owning single-family rental homes, and we work with existing clients continuing to build their portfolio. An engaged client is aware of how his entire portfolio is performing and we work hard to keep our clients engaged after they purchase their investment properties.

Our team handles every aspect of the investment, from acquisition to property management. All you have to do is connect with a Portfolio Advisor, share your investment goals, choose your property and close your property. At that time, Premier Property Management and the Customer Service Team take over and provide you with up-to-date, transparent information and an over-the-top investment experience!

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Investment Property Renovation

Ensuring that your property has high-quality renovations that increase the value, boost the residents’ experience, and lower the vacancy rate.


By understanding what the highest standards of renovations in the Turnkey real estate industry are and making sure we meet them every time.

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    • High-grade materials appropriate for the neighborhood.
    • Zero maintenance deferred for the new owner.
    • All systems receive a thorough check-up and are either properly operational or replaced.
    • Average renovation costs $36,000 with each project ranging from $25,000 to as high as $60,000.
    • Full Scope of Work provided to each investor on every property purchase.
    • Full accounting provided including Before and After pictures on each property.

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Premier Property Management Group

Reducing your stress and anxiety level by providing excellent property management to maintain your investment.


Our Premier Property Management Group is committed delivering great resident services which keeps your property occupied longer.

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    • Approaching $5 million in net rental payments monthly.
    • 24/7 online access & direct deposit for all clients.
    • Automatic payment drafts for resident payments.
    • Managed rental collection & disbursement to enhance monthly payments.
    • A thorough resident application screening process.
    • Maintenance issues answered & managed by Premier.
    • Monthly customer service communication calls.

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Customer Service

Giving you peace of mind with your investments by facilitating a relationship built upon reliable, honest, and consistent communication.


Our dedication to providing an excellent experience to investors, whether they are new to this or not, means we need to sustain a high level of communication and assistance at every step of the process.

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    First Stage:

    • Closing Team walks each client through every step of the closing process assisting with attorneys, lenders, insurance, inspections, and overall closing process.

    Second Stage:

    • Customer Service Team calls new clients each week for the first four weeks after closing.
    • Customer Service Team calls every client, every month with updates or information on their portfolio.
    • Customer Service Team communicates with owners during vacancies with updates on the rental status.
    • Customer Service Team communicates all milestone events on properties including new leases, renewed leases, expected vacancies, and any expenses over $400.

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