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San Antonio Real Estate Investment

Turnkey Investing in the City of San Antonio


Why Should I Invest in San Antonio Real Estate?

San Antonio is most famously known for The Alamo, but for real estate investors looking towards the future in a pandemic-stricken world, Texas’s second-largest city is an undeniable beacon on a passive investor’s radar. 

Over the past few years the city has seen a sharp incline in population, and despite COVID-19, continues to illustrate a positive trajectory. The city is a key pillar in the Texas Triangle with Dallas and Houston, creating an economic output of $1.2 trillion with just under 20 million people. 

At REI Nation, we serve thousands of investors who build successful portfolios in each of our turnkey investment markets through our expert advisers, managers, and attention to detail. Our priority is in presenting market opportunities with longevity.

Passive investment portfolios function best when populated with investments that are in markets with high population rates, diversity in infrastructure, and positive trends of more of the same. That’s why we’ve carefully chosen the City of San Antonio for our investors to further diversify and expand their portfolio.


San Antonio At-A-Glance

6.8 Million

Metro Population


US City Population Rank


Renter Population


Mean Household

$225K - $300K

REI Nation
Avg. Home Price


REI Nation
Avg. Monthly Rent


In the Business of Job Creation

The “Alamo City” has made a name for itself in the modern-day by offering one of the most attractive environments for business in the country. San Antonio’s educated workforce paired with its business-friendly climate has made it a hotspot for companies on the rise. Its accessibility to the east and west coast and the Gulf of Mexico is yet another feature cementing it as a prime destination for up and coming businesses.

Companies That Call San Antonio Home

Among some of the big-name companies that call San Antonio home and employ thousands, are:

  • Biglari Holdings
  • DaHill Office Technology
  • H-E-B
  • iHeartMedia
  • Valero Energy Corp.
  • USAA
  • Whataburger

Booming Population Growth

San Antonio’s population growth has been steadily on the rise, ranking at the second largest in the nation in 2019. With its low unemployment rate, low cost of living, and a plethora of single-family homes, duplexes, and fourplexes, the location attracts thousands of new residents a year with its strong and diverse economy. With nearly a 50% rental population, turnkey real estate properties boom.

Much like its neighboring city of Dallas, the San Antonio market has faced unprecedented demand for houses. Yet, as the market has evened out, the city is seeing a return of inventory and the balancing of rising market prices. For investors, this marks an excellent opportunity to utilize a buy and hold strategy, and ultimately maintain a sense of stability in the market.

Dedication to Industries

One major contribution to the city’s growth is its multitude of industry offerings. San Antonio’s economy is primarily supported by the military, health care, government-civil service, financial services — and like many Texas cities — oil and gas. Manufacturing has also skyrocketed in recent years, along with American-based call centers. The City and State prioritize jobs, investments, and companies with a plethora of financial incentive tools, including tax abatements, development services fee waivers, and state enterprise funds. The city’s low taxes compared with its accessible location instill a supreme workforce.

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The Sights and Sounds of San Antonio

San Antonio's rich history is still thriving in the city today. From its ancient architecture to its UNESCO World Heritage sites, San Antonio provides locals and tourists alike with a unique blend of the past intermingled with the modern world. As the most visited city in Texas, it's not hard to spot the endless attractions this city offers.

History & Tourism

The city is home to the famous Alamo, along with five other 18th-century Spanish frontier missions. In addition to the iconic Spanish fortress, the River Walk nestled in Downtown San Antonio ranks in as the city's second most popular attraction. Cathedrals, theatres, and a Guinness World Record-breaking hotel can also be found in the city's metropolitan sector. For sports fans, being the home of the five-time NBA champion San Antonio Spurs and San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo are just more reasons to travel to this unique city.



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