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Master Turnkey Real Estate Investing

Positive Cash Flow, Minimal Risk.

Turnkey real estate investing is your path to consistent, reliable returns – no matter where you live. From one BiggerPockets member to another, Chris Clothier offers his insider knowledge on transforming your financial freedom with positive cash flow properties.


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What is Turnkey Real Estate Investing?

Positive Cash Flow Properties that Know No Boundaries.

Turnkey real estate investing, or remote real estate investing, allows investors to invest in properties regardless of their own proximity to those markets. Long-term wealth-building from anywhere.

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Isn’t “Turnkey” Just a Buzzword?

Separating Authentic from the Gimmick

It’s true: “turnkey” is oftentimes used as a marketing ploy to hook in investors. Companies will do the bare minimum to a house when flipping it and slap on “turnkey” to lure in investors. Many times investors feel like their only other option is to do the process themselves — but this quickly becomes a full-time job.

True turnkey companies separate themselves from the gimmicks by:

• Finding a property

• Using their money to completely renovate the property from top to bottom

• Introducing the property to investors after it becomes a performing asset

• Managing the property for the investor by finding residents to rent the property and keeping communication open for investors regarding returns and repairs on at least a quarterly basis


Choosing Reliable Markets —Regardless of Your Location

Financial Freedom from Anywhere

Investors are sometimes prone to thinking their investment properties must be within their geographical location. By equipping yourself with the right checklist of what to look for in a market, investors are empowered to expand their reach. 

The Ultimate Guide to Turnkey Investing will educate you on factors to account for and explain why they’re important, including:

• High affordability index rates
• City growth in population and infrastructure
• Diversity in companies and industries

How Do I Know My Investment Property is Sound?

Happy Residents Mean Low Vacancy

Shoddy renovations. Vacancy gaps. Poorly-suited residents. We know the woes real estate investors go through when seeking investment opportunities. To solve these common problems, we’ve identified two foolproof methods for securing returns:

1. True quality renovations: High standards dictate what qualifies a home as “livable.” The key to success is to ensure that all renovations are high quality so you’re investing in properties that are built to last without continuous headaches.

2. Excellent property management: Screen all residents to ensure that they’re a good fit both for the property and for your investors, or pick the right property management company that will take care of this for you. By ensuring that your residents have stable income situations, you’ll have more control over your investment returns.

Our process has proven successful for our investors year-after-year:

5+ Years

Average Length of Stay

Less Than 2%

Eviction Rate

Less Than 3%

Average Vacancy Rate

Less Than 4%

Annual Maintenance Cost


Financing Your Properties

As an investor, it’s important to know the warning signs from invest companies and understand what your options are for financing your properties. We’ll empower you with the knowledge you need to make secure decisions and take a deep dive into the following:

• Preferred lenders
• Traditional financing
• Self-directed IRAs
• 1031 Exchanges

Expanding Your Portfolio

A rich portfolio doesn’t happen overnight. Strategic patience is an integral part to growing your wealth and developing a diverse portfolio. In teaching you how to invest right for now and in the future, we share the mistakes we have learned from in the past:

“See, I had a plan, and my plan was to own 15 single-family homes and own them outright. I wanted to do it as quickly as possible. But I made the mistake of trying to buy cheap, inexpensive properties. I was doing very little work to them and it really didn't matter to me about the experience the resident had with my properties as long as I was able to buy the property and they were occupied. So, naturally, I was not successful.”
– Chris Clothier, REI Nation


Inspect What You Expect

We Invest in What’s Right; We Invest in Ourselves.

Investors are constantly told to complete their due diligence throughout their investment process. We make it easy. All of our investors are paired with a dedicated customer service representative. On a monthly basis, each investor receives a monthly report about their properties. We believe that transparency and accountability are imperative to being a revolutionizing turnkey company, and we uphold those values firmly. 

Quality is at the foundation of everything we do. From transforming houses into high-caliber assets to unlocking true wealth potential for our investors, we prioritize groundbreaking experiences across all our operations. Over the last 17 years, we have achieved:

• Managing over $700 million in portfolio value
• 2,100+ Turnkey investors
• 6,200+ Properties under management
• 7+ Years Running in Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies


Trusted By Investors

I wanted to thank you and your associates for the easiest real estate purchasing processI have ever experienced. Your company is truly a one-stop shop for real estate investors looking to invest in the greater Memphis area. Your company has put together a great network of real estate professionals to create an efficient means for investors to acquire, rehab, and manage real estate. I wanted to give a very special thanks to your team. They were all professional, courteous and did an outstanding job. I am looking forward to working with you again.

Patrick Taylor

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much! REI Nation and Premier Properties has demonstrated such a wonderful job managing our properties. It is simply blissful not having to worry about tenants, repairs, etc. We love how you keep us informed in a very timely manner as to what was needed at any point of time. You and your company sure have property management down to a science. I look forward to having you all continue managing our properties. And, of course, I will not hesitate to tell anyone I know to contact you when they think of investing in residential real estate.

Reggie Starr

United States

When I first heard about your process, I was skeptical. Would and could a company actually do everything that you promised? You set the bar high for yourself, and I thought that it would be difficult to reach your goals. You have far exceeded what was promised. When people ask me what I do in real estate and I explain that I have “people” that help me purchase rental property, rehab the property, locate tenants and manage the property for me, most people don’t believe me. You have shown me the missing link in the process and made the outlook for my future brighter.

Brian Douglas

Memphis, TN